Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Labour's BNP Hypocrisy

So, Peter Hain is to boycott Question Time in response to the BBC's proposal to invite Nick Griffin onto the air. Labour's position is that to share a platform with the party would legitimise it's appalling views.

Well I have news for all of them. You've been doing it for years - treating refugees like dirt with £37 a week to live on if you don't fall for the trap of saying you're staying with someone, in which case you get absolute naff all. Forced destitution of asylum seekers by refusing the right to work, deportation of gays and political activists to countries where they face persecution and torture.

And to top if off, the 'British jobs for British workers' nonsense, after Brown used this phrase, Labour cannot ever claim to be opposed to everything the BNP stands for.

I heard an excellent retort to this horrible phrase at Green Party conference: 'human rights for human beings'.

Labour is to blame for the rise of the BNP - continuing the market dominated approach to housing which has led to shortages for everyone whilst chipping away at our public services hoping that the public are too stupid to recognise a disingenuous back-door privatisation agenda.

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  1. in my view, So True. BUT in Cardiff shouldn't you be discussing Welsh nationalists' appalling rhetoric.
    Missed you at Green Man