Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hope for Cardiff Rare Books Collection

I attended Cardiff University Senate today in my capacity as a student member. On the agenda was the effort by the University to aquire thousands of rare books, some dating back to the 15th century from city Council archives.

Some time ago the Council decided that in their efforts to make a quick buck, this collection of books which includes a rare Shakespeare collection and early bibles was an easy target and decided they would be auctioned to pay for the new library.

I was very worried by this, but have today found out that the University is working very hard to take the collection off their Council's hands for a fair price and keep it in Cardiff where it belongs.

I asked a question regarding access to the collection by the general public, and was told that anyone would be welcome to see the books subject to appointment and supervision, like the other rare collections they hold.

All in all, this seems a better outcome than flogging them to all corners of the world or leaving them to gather dust in Council archives.

I was also approached by a member of the University and Colleges Union regarding the ongoing campaign for the University to adopt an Ethical Investment policy. Good to see the Union is on our side, and am looking forward to the meeting next week on the subject.

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