Sunday, 7 March 2010

UK Border Agency Protest

This post is a bit late after the event, but I promised a local activist I would do something!

You may well be aware of what's been happening in the UK Borders Agency in Cardiff - allegations of institutionalised racism of the most dispicable kind. One officer allegedly told child soldiers to lie on the floor and 'show how they shot at people'.

I didn't make it to the demonstration the other week but was very pleased by the attendance, over 200 people turning up to express their anger with borders policy in this country. What has changed is that far more refugees turned up this time, a brave act if you are waiting for your application to be dealt with. It's fantastic to see such a widespread community reaction to what is going on, and I promise I will attend the next demostration and make every effort to keep going until the Government has responded properly to the demands of Refugee Voice Wales and others.

I won't write anything more because everything that needs to be said has been done already by the excellent post on the No Borders website.

(Just to point out - The Green Party does not have a policy to open our borders completely but we certainly advocate a much, much fairer system and better treatment of refugees).

But to conclude: I wholeheartedly support the demands made by Refugee Voice Wales, we certainly cannot deport anyone whilst this is going on!

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