Monday, 31 May 2010

My email to Hague, Clegg and Jenny Willott

Dear Mr Hague, Mr Clegg and Ms Willot,

I am appalled to learn that the Israeli armed forces have killed up to 10 people on board a ship carrying aid to Gaza. Israel continues an illegal siege on Gaza by starving Palestinians of essential resources, and now is killing people who try to address this injustice by bringing aid to the region. I have heard that there are also British citizens on board these ships.

I urge you to take all necessary action in light of these events, including a full and unequivocal condemnation, the immediate ending of all arms exports to Israel and reviewing of the EU-Israeli trade agreement which requires that Israel respect human rights in return for trading with the Eurozone.

I do sincerely hope you take all required action and take this opportunity to draw a line under the UK's historic complicity in Israeli human rights abuses.


Sam Coates

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